Task Management

View and manage ongoing work across your practice
Advanced reporting provides a task breakdown and estimates

Create Tasks

Easily create tasks, for either internal or client work. Add tasks individually or import from CSV.

Tasks can be assigned to a member of staff, tagged against a client and automatically repeat if needed.

Create a task
Update task

Manage Ongoing Work

Once a task has been created you can change the status, add notes or log time against it. All tasks that have been assigned to you appear on your dashboard, ordered by due date.

Time can be logged against a task by any member staff, it can be marked as billable or un-billable time.

Advanced Reporting

Enter hourly rates for your staff we can estimate the billable time for each task. Apply a particular rate for all staff, or individually for greater accuracy.

Rates can differ based on the type of work being completed (Accounting, Payroll, Consultancy etc.).

Analyse a range of different time periods, including custom dates. Breakdown the time spent for each client and task.

Reporting summary chart

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