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A convenient online portal for your clients
A time saving wonder for your business

Upload And Digitally Sign Documents

All files are stored securely within the EU to comply with GDPR. We have implemented a range of rules to safeguard privacy and protect your data.

Both staff and clients can securely upload documents of virtually any size and their are no storage limits. We also support legally binding digital signatures.

Client portal document upload
Request information

Securely Request Information

How often do you need to chase a client to reply to an email?
Create online forms to securely capture the information you need.

Our forms are designed to be clear and easy to use, with real-time validation and helpful hints. Forms can even be pre-filled with existing client information, such as their VAT number.

Never Miss A Client Response

It can be hard to keep emails organised and sometimes take forever to find the information you need.

AccountingHub's email integration, automated client reminders and forms allow you to quickly find and manage client information.

Our Office 365 integration allows you to review and triage emails as they arrive, plus automatically associate messages with a client for future reference.

Communicate with clients
Request information

Automated Client Reminders

Easily send clients a customised reminder for any dates you like. Add Reminders manually or based on rules (e.g. 2 weeks before VAT filing).
It has never been easier to keep clients informed and aware of filing dates or upcoming events.

Reminders can be sent on any date you like, even weeks before or after a key date. Approve each manually or allow AccountingHub to send automatically.

Manage Ongoing Work

View and manage ongoing work across your practice, with email alerts and weekly reminders.
Company filing dates are automatically synchronised with Companies House and added to your task list.

Workflows can also be created, allowing you to easily start a series of tasks at once based on the steps you define.

Analyse completed work across your practice
Secure access from anywhere

Access From Anywhere

We understand it is important to have secure access to client information on the go and from a range of different devices. Our solution is built to support different sized devices including tablet and mobile.

Easily Get Started

Import all of your clients at once using our import wizard. Upload a spreadsheet and we'll automatically detect the data format, showing you a preview of all of the clients that will be added.

All clients will be able to login to your branded client portal, allowing them to access information and submit forms.

Import your clients easily
Import Companies House information

Companies House Information

We automatically import information such as the registered address, list of directors, key dates and more whenever you add a limited company client.

This information is then used to create tasks and reminders for filing dates so nothing slips gets missed.

Theme And Brand

We understand your brand is important and we have several options available to help customise the look and feel of the app. This includes adding your own logo and displaying your practice details.

The emails we send are also customisable and will include your own email as the reply address.

Customise the look and feel
Accept online payments

Get Paid

Secure payments can be taken via Stripe, our payment partner, allowing you to get paid faster for any fixed fee work.
Receive payments via any major debit or credit card.

Best In Class Integrations

We have integrated with Office 365, Stripe, EverSign, Companies House, MailChimp, FreeAgent and Xero APIs.

Enabling your practice to accept online payments through to supporting digital signatures.

Best in class integrations

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