Client Portal FAQ

Find answers to common questions

Why not just use Xero, KashFlow, Sage?

Our client portal is designed to help you communicate with clients online, it is not an accountancy software package.

AccountingHub allows you to easily build custom forms for clients, enables you to accept online payments and tracks key client dates (including the option to send reminders).

Our solution is a convenient interface between your practice and clients (who do not pay anything for access), increasing productivity and enabling self-service.

Do you use SSL? Is the client portal secure?

We use the same type of security as you would see and expect from online banking. Our architecture was designed by an Amazon Web Services Solution Architect (Associate). All interaction with our client portal is via "https" to protect sensitive information. Other security measures we have implemented include data encryption and hashing.

How are uploaded documents protected?

Documents can only be accessed by authorised users. A practice can share a document such as a spreadsheet with all clients, or only to a specific client.

All files are securely stored on the Amazon cloud for the greatest performance and protection.

We like the solution but need a feature adding?

Our product is evolving as we gain feedback so please get in touch. It may be something we have already planned for in a future release.

How do we pay? How do we get the annual discount?

Select the plan you would like and register for a free trial.
You can modify your plan from within the app and even cancel online if it's not for you.

What does it cost our clients?

No charges apply to your own clients for access, just a small monthly fee to your practice.
This increases uptake and is a "value add" for clients, encouraging everyone to communicate securely online rather than only a minority.

How can I send feedback? I have a problem?

If you have any problems the easiest thing is to email us or use the "feedback" button from within the app.
The portal support pages may also provide some help and are being updated regularly.

Who owns Ltd. Ltd. is a privately held, UK based company.
If you are interested in investing, the company is SEIS eligible and is planning to raise equity capital in 2018.

Online payments

Our payment partner is Stripe and AccountingHub does not take any fee or commission from payments, registering for an account is free with no monthly cost. Please see the website for further information.

What up-time can I expect?

Our servers are highly fault tolerant and run on a load balanced set of servers, we expect to achieve a 99.9% uptime (30 day rolling). We would be able to discuss SLA's with practices requiring enterprise level support.

Where are documents stored?

Documents are always stored within the EU. Files are stored securely on the Amazon Web Services platform, providing the highest level of availability, security and durability.
Amazon is the leading cloud computing platform by market share and our CTO holds their 'Solutions Architect' qualification.

Will clients find this useful?

We have received great feedback since launching in 2017. Client's no longer have to always call or email thanks to the convenient self-service access our solution provides.

Will this help with Making Tax Digital (MTD) and/or GDPR?

Definitely! As reporting requirements become more frequent it is even more important to increase productivity where possible and ensure any client communication is secure. No more searching emails for client information, everything is easy to find and organised. In addition our solution allows clients to submit information in a standardised format via customisable forms.

Do you support digital signatures (e-signatures)?

Yes, we support legally binding digital signatures through a partner integration with EverSign. All paid accounts get a number of credits included each month as part of their subscription, this can be increased as needed.

Can I store or forward emails (incl. attachments) to AccountingHub?

Yes, client emails can be stored alongside their forms, documents and other information. Any attachments are automatically stored as client documents as well.

How do you contact a client?

Clients can be contacted through AccountingHub via secure messaging, email or SMS. Contacting via email allows you to use pre-built email templates. Text messaging is included on all paid plans, limits apply.